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New Opex Project in the Works

We’ve been working on a project behind the scenes that is almost ready to launch.

For the past few months, we have been investing our time into creating a place where anyone and everyone can expand and build their facilities management knowledge for free.

Accessing information about the facilities management sector is easy thanks to Google, but accessing, collaborating, and learning with like-minded individuals isn’t as easy.

Imagine a single website where you can ask any FM question and receive a reliable response from individuals with 20+ years of experience, imagine ‘The Facilities Management Forum’.

Built from the minds of FM experts, Opex has developed a brand-new online forum that’s free to join and free to use and hosts a catalogue of facilities management questions and answers.

Launching soon, we hope this new addition to our website will make it easier to learn about the growing building management industry.


Have a look at some of the screenshots of the forum so far below: