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The Latest Updates to ‘The Facilities Management Forum’


Our ‘The Facilities Management Forum’ online platform is dedicated to facilitating discussions, sharing knowledge, and fostering a supportive community for professionals in the field of facilities management. In this article, we will dive into the latest updates and additions to the forum, aimed at enhancing the user experience and providing valuable resources.

Search Bar

One of the notable additions to “The Facilities Management Forum” is the introduction of a search bar. The search bar feature allows users to conveniently search for specific topics, posts, or keywords within the forum. By utilising the search bar, users can easily navigate through the vast amount of content available on ‘The Facilities Management Forum’, making it simpler to find relevant information.

Additionally, the search bar offers various options for refining search results, such as searching within post titles only, within the entire post, by topics, by user or filtering by date.

The Facilities Management Forum Search Bar


To further enhance organisation and accessibility, the forum now incorporates categories for posts. Categorising discussions enables users to quickly find topics that align with their interests. It also allows for more efficient browsing by narrowing down the focus to specific areas within the field of facilities management. Moreover, users have the option to set email alerts for specific categories of interest, ensuring they receive timely updates and notifications without the need to manually sift through all the posts.

The forum offers a range of categories covering various aspects of facilities management, including FM Strategy, Commercial & Contracts, Statutory Compliance & Health & Safety, Technology, and more. These categories serve as dedicated spaces for discussions related to specific topics, providing a structured framework for engaging with like-minded professionals and sharing insights.

The Facilities Management Forum Categories

FM Career Help Section

Recognising the importance of career development and support, we have introduced a dedicated FM Career Help section to ‘The Facilities Management Forum’. This section aims to address career-related queries, offer guidance, and provide valuable resources to those at any stage of their facilities management careers, whether it be someone who knows very little of the industry or someone who’s worked within FM for years. Within this section, users can expect to find resources such as job tips and advice, strategies for career growth, and insights into the FM careers world.

The Facilities Management Forum Careers Section


In conclusion, the recent updates to ‘The Facilities Management Forum’ aim to provide an enhanced user experience, streamlining discussions, and offering valuable career support. The addition of a search bar simplifies navigation and improves accessibility, allowing users to find relevant information efficiently. Categories facilitate focused discussions and enable users to customise their forum experience based on their interests. The new FM Career Help section addresses career-related needs, offering valuable resources and a supportive community.

Stay tuned for the official launch of ‘The Facilities Management Forum’, where everyone interested in facilities management can connect, learn, and grow together.

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