Shopping Centre Benchmarking & Market Testing

Client: Lend Lease Limited – Bluewater and Touchwood Shopping Centres

Services: Benchmarking and Market Testing

Sector: Retail

Location: Stone, Kent / Solihull, West Midlands


Role Summary:

Lend Lease own and operate several shopping centres in the United Kingdom, including the highly prestigious Bluewater and Touchwood centre in Kent. This Shopping Centre Benchmarking & Market Testing also included a smaller Lend Lease operated centre at Touchwood in Solihull, West Midlands.

Our brief for the Shopping Centre Benchmarking & Market Testing project was to benchmark the lifts and escalators (L&E) contracts at both sites, along with the internal and external landscaping maintenance contract at the Bluewater site. In addition, we were asked to market test the security services at both sites.


Building on the considerable experience that Opex has in the benchmarking sector, which is supported by our extensive cost database called Opex Vault, and following additional cost research undertaken in the specialist L&E area, and with technical support from the client at both sites, all the required services were successfully benchmarked.

Market Testing

Whilst the client has been receiving good service from their security provider at Bluewater, it was decided to market test this extensive service, along with similar services at Touchwood. Working closely with the client’s on-site and commercial teams, comprehensive tender documents were prepared and issued to the market’s leading providers. On receipt of the tenders and working within a bespoke tender process and evaluation matrix, the tenders were assessed and after clarifications, recommendations were made for companies to present their proposals, prior to the appointment of the new supplier. The new contract is programmed to start at the end of January 2012.


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