At 9:00 am, I arrive at the Harborough Innovation Center, where our main office is located. Say a quick hello to the receptionists at the front desk and make sure to scan what sweet treats the on-site café has in store today (it was a Strawberry Cheesecake, my favourite!).

I head up to the top floor of the building, and on my way to the office, fill my water bottle and grab a cup of tea to get me going for the day.

The first task for any day is to check through my emails for any urgent tasks that need to be completed and any updates to projects I’ve been working on. This morning it’s not too busy, with a couple of emails from clients about monthly reporting.

By 9:30, after emptying my inbox, I start to plan out my day by looking at the to-do list I set for myself the day before and begin prioritising tasks. Planning is critical as it helps me stay focused throughout the day and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks; plus, it gives me a sense of accomplishment when crossing the tasks off.

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Project Work

At 9:45, I begin to work on my first task, which involves adding elements to our new system that is in development and will be a huge asset to businesses in the future. I test the elements by linking our dummy data to the software and then debug and fix any issues that arise. The software development process for Assuron can be a bit tricky, but it’s always exciting to see it come together, especially knowing what the final product will bring to the market.

After completing the work on this project, around 10:45, I give Ben a call to update him on our progress and discuss any changes or additions that need to be added to the project files. It’s important that we have these calls regularly to keep us all on the same page and continue to push our projects forward. Much of my work requires collaboration which is great as I can discuss any new ideas I have, and I know that if stuck on a task, there’s always someone else that is around to help.


Client projects

From 11:15, I work with Dan on reviewing paymech contracts for some of our clients. We go through what needs to be done for the client and what work I need to do to build a worksheet that meets the client’s needs.

After speaking with Dan, I get to work on a new worksheet calculator for measuring deductions based on a paymech contract. I ensure that after completing this, I create a template of reusable code for future projects to enable faster completion of similar jobs.


Collaborative work

Around 1:30 pm, Victoria asks if I can help improve the weekly management report. For this, I make some macros for the worksheet, which manipulate the data into readable and usable formats.

I then hop over to Joe’s desk to work with him on some new designs for the website. We test out a couple of different ways to lay out the pages and see what’s possible by diving into the code of the site. This is great fun for me as I love designing and redesigning for a better, more seamless experience for users, something we are always doing at Opex, whether it be the website or the processes we follow when delivering our services to clients.



After a quick lunch break at 2:00 pm, I spend some time reviewing some of my own work to identify any gaps in my knowledge and areas for improvement. I’ll usually do this by looking through what I’ve worked on that week or will be working on and seeing if I need to learn or develop any skills. Continuous development is a huge deal at Opex as we’re always encouraged to hop on Udemy and complete some training courses, which is great as I can just grab a cup of tea at any time of day and then just sit and learn.



Around 4:00 pm, I jump on a call with one of our current clients and walk them through the updates I’ve made to their paymech calculator worksheet and explain the new macros and formulas I’ve added. This is a vital part of what I do, as it’s important our clients always understand where we’re at with their projects and fully recognise the direction we’re going.

Just after the call with the client, Ben gives me a call to go over the day’s work and plan the next steps for our current projects. Today we also go over some problems that came to light on a client’s project and have a brainstorming meeting with Dan to discuss the best strategy moving forward.


End of the day

Before leaving at 5:30 pm, I double check all my work is backed up on our cloud, and my notebook has tomorrow’s tasks written down so I can come in the next day with a clear vision of what objectives I’ll be aiming towards.

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