Hospital PFI/PPP Expiry UK

Client: Commercially Confidential

Services: PFI Expiry Review

Sector: Healthcare

Location: UK


Project Summary:

As our clients Hospital PFI approaches five years from contract expiry. Opex supported its client by conducting a commercial and technical review of the expiry process to help them identify key risks and opportunities. 

The commercial and technical review helps our client strategically prepare themselves for the future expiry process. Commercially positioning themselves early allows for easier alignment between wider business objectives and project specific objectives.

An important step in strategic planning is anticipating how the other parties way act and react through the process. Therefore, the rights and obligations of each of the parties, the Authority, Special Procurement Vehicle (SPV), and Facilities Management Company (FMCo) were considered as these vary by contract and step-down changes from Project Agreement (PA) to Facilities Management Agreement (FMA).

Our support also included the consideration of all required data, to ensure they are to hand and readily available at expiry to help the process go more smoothly for all parties. Collectively, these points are helping our client to prepare for the road ahead in a confident manner.


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