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When do I know if a...
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When do I know if a building is statutory compliant?

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A building is considered statutory compliant when it meets all the relevant regulations, laws, and standards that apply to its construction, operation, and maintenance. The process of ensuring statutory compliance can be complex and ongoing, as regulations and standards may change over time, and new requirements may be introduced.

To know if a building is statutory compliant, facility managers should conduct regular assessments and audits to evaluate the building's compliance with relevant regulations and standards. These assessments may involve reviewing documents and records, conducting inspections, and interviewing staff or contractors. It is important that suitable evidence of all PPMs, rectification actions, training, and inspections is stored appropriately and available for audit and assessment.

The results of the assessment will provide a clear indication of the building's current compliance status, and the facility manager can then develop a plan to address any areas of non-compliance. Once the necessary actions are taken, the facility manager can conduct a follow-up assessment to verify that the building is now compliant.

It is important to note that compliance is an ongoing process, and regular monitoring and maintenance are necessary to ensure that the building remains compliant over time. Facility managers should establish a monitoring and maintenance program to track and evidence the building's compliance status and take appropriate actions as needed to maintain compliance.

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