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What reactive task ...
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What reactive task data should be tracked in CAFM?

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Reactive data tracking refers to the process of collecting data about maintenance issues, repairs, and other reactive tasks that arise in a facility. This data is typically gathered after an issue has occurred, hence the term "reactive".

Reactive data tracking involves recording information about the type of issue, the location in the facility where it occurred, the date and time it was reported, the person who reported it, and any actions taken to resolve the issue. This data can be used to identify trends in facility maintenance issues and to inform decisions about future maintenance and repair needs.

Reactive data tracking is an important part of facilities management because it allows managers to identify and address issues quickly, minimising downtime and reducing the risk of more serious problems developing. It also provides a record of maintenance activities, which can be useful for compliance purposes and for tracking the performance of maintenance staff or contractors.

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