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The Facilities Management Forum: User Guidelines

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Welcome to The Facilities Management Forum community. We are thrilled to have you here and hope you expand your FM knowledge through the many discussions on the platform.

Our mission is to strengthen the facilities management world and raise the bar for the industry. We will be working hard to ensure we align our actions with that purpose. These Community Guidelines should not only help you understand how to act within the community but also help you understand what to expect from others.

It is important for all users to follow the guidelines to maintain a respectful, informative, and constructive environment.

Whether you are new to the industry or have spent a lifetime in FM, there is a place for you at The Facilities Management Forum.


1)     Registration & Account Management

Account Naming: Members are encouraged to use their real names or professional pseudonyms for transparency and trust.

Password Strength and Security: Ensure your password is unique and strong, combining letters, numbers, and symbols. Never share your password with anyone.

Reporting Lost or Compromised Accounts: If you suspect your account has been compromised, contact the forum administrators immediately at hello@opexconsulting.co.uk.


2)     General Conduct

Respect for All Members: Treat all members with kindness and respect, regardless of their background, experience, or opinions.

No Trolling, Spamming, or Disruptive Behaviours: Disruptive behaviours, including posting irrelevant content and using threatening or harmful language to other members, will not be tolerated.

Avoiding Off-Topic Discussions: Please keep topics related to facilities management or other areas related to FM.


3)     Content Posting

Relevance to Facilities Management: Ensure all posts are relevant to the field of facilities management.

No Self-promotion or Advertising: Do not promote your services or products without prior permission from the forum administrators. To contact the forum administrators, email us at hello@opexconsulting.co.uk.

Cite Sources: When sharing information or statistics, always try to provide a source. This will allow the community to maintain the forum's credibility and excel the FM industry.


4)     Privacy & Personal Information

Not Sharing Personal Details: For your safety, avoid sharing personal details like addresses or phone numbers. Keep conversations professional.

Reporting Suspicious Activities: If someone asks for your personal information or you notice suspicious behaviour, report it to the moderators at hello@opexconsulting.co.uk.


5)     Moderation & Reporting

Role of Moderators: Moderators are here to ensure the forum remains a safe, respectful, and informative place. They have the authority to edit, move, or delete posts that violate the guidelines. The Facilities Management Forum is an educational resource for the FM industry. Posts not in the general spirit of the forum may be removed or edited for relevance. Moderators' decisions are final.

How to Report Inappropriate Content: Use the 'Report' () button on any post or message to alert moderators of inappropriate content or behaviour.

Consequences for Violating Guidelines: Violations may result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the offence.


6)     Intellectual Property

Respecting Copyrights and Trademarks: Always give credit to original authors or creators. Do not post copyrighted material without proper authorisation.

Sharing Material: If sharing articles, excerpts, or images, ensure you have the right to do so and always provide proper attribution.


7)     External Links & Resources

Only Share Trusted and Relevant Links: Ensure any external links added to discussions are relevant to the topic and come from reputable sources.

Reporting Broken or Inappropriate Links: If you find a link that is broken or leads to inappropriate content, please use the 'Report' () button on the original post.


8)     Feedback & Suggestions

Providing Feedback: We value your feedback. If you have suggestions or concerns about the forum, please reach out to the forum administrators at hello@opexconsulting.co.uk.

Suggestions for Improvement: We're always looking to improve and want the best for the FM industry. If you have ideas for new categories, features, or other enhancements, we’d love for you to get in touch with us at hello@opexconsulting.co.uk.


9)     Termination & Suspension

Grounds for Account Suspension: Repeated violations of the guidelines, spamming, or harmful behaviour may result in account suspension.

Appeal Process: If your account is suspended and you believe it was in error, contact the forum administrators to discuss the matter at hello@opexconsulting.co.uk.


10) Updates to Guidelines

Periodic Review: These guidelines will be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure they remain relevant.

Notification of Changes: Members will be notified of significant changes to the guidelines through forum announcements.


11) Shaping the Future Together

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the success and growth of The Facilities Management Forum. Your commitment to maintaining a respectful and constructive environment is not just about adhering to a set of rules; it's about building a community that stands as a beacon of professionalism, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration in the facilities management industry.

By upholding these standards, we are not only ensuring smooth interactions within our forum but also setting a precedent for how industry professionals should engage and communicate in the digital age. Every insightful post, every thoughtful response, and every respectful debate here contributes to the broader narrative of advancing the facilities management industry.

The world of facilities management is ever-evolving, with new challenges and innovations emerging regularly. As we navigate these changes, this forum aims to be a hub where ideas are exchanged, solutions are brainstormed, and the future is shaped. Your active participation and adherence to these guidelines ensure that we move forward with a unified vision grounded in respect and a shared passion for excellence.

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Together, we will continue to elevate the standards, practices, and impact of the facilities management industry, one discussion at a time.

Warm regards,

The Facilities Management Forum Team

Posted : 30/08/2023 10:54 am
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