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When do I need to b...
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When do I need to benchmark?

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Benchmarking in facilities management, as well as often being a contractual obligation, can be a useful tool to evaluate and improve the performance of your organisation's processes and services. Here are some other situations where benchmarking may be appropriate:


  • To identify areas for improvement: Benchmarking can help you identify areas where your organisation is underperforming and provide insight into how other organisations in your industry or similar industries are achieving success.


  • To establish performance targets: Benchmarking can help you establish realistic and achievable performance targets based on the best practices of other organisations.


  • To measure progress: Once you have established performance targets, benchmarking can help you measure progress towards achieving those targets and identify opportunities for further improvement.


  • To evaluate service providers: If you use third-party service providers for your facilities management, benchmarking can help you evaluate their performance and ensure you are getting value for money.


  • To support strategic planning: Benchmarking can provide data and insights that can support strategic planning and decision-making, such as identifying new service offerings or opportunities for cost savings.


Overall, benchmarking can be a valuable tool for improving the performance of your facilities management organisation. However, it should be used strategically and with clear goals in mind.

Posted : 14/09/2023 10:48 am
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