Multiplex have been closely involved with Opex since mid-2018. Opex have assisted us at our Peterborough PFI Contract where we provide Hard FM services to North West Anglia Foundation Trust. The Opex Team have provided leadership and technical support to the local team during the second half of 2018. During 2019/20 Opex have continued to roll out an Improvement Plan which had been developed through their close association with us. The Opex Team has provided great advice, support, and continually shown a commitment to go above and beyond in order to help us improve our service provision.Jonathan Winter (Multiplex Director of Services) commented “Steve and Ben have personally helped me to maintain Business as Usual Performance whilst simultaneously rolling out improvement plans and assisting me to navigate my way around the complex arrangement that is a Hard FM Services provision on a Healthcare PFI at a large Acute Hospital. Their assistance has been invaluable.”